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" Love what you do,
do what you love "

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Rotary Logo

The President and members of the Rotary Club of Guelph would like to thank you most sincerely for an outstanding inspirational talk to the Club. Your theme of the three most important attributes for success: A Sense of Humor, Awareness of one's personal Image and Respect was well presented and received by our members. We wish you every success in your future ventures.

Ranjit Singh MD, Past President and Webmaster, Rotary Club of Guelph

WTN Logo

"On, national television, Peter courageously and articulately shared the intimate details of his personal story. For a man who was told that he may never walk and talk again. Peter offered inspiration and hope to other viewers who may also be living with an acquired brain injury."

Dana Levenson, Story Producer,
"Doctor on Call". WTN

University of Guelph Logo

Peter, thanks again. You accomplished in a brief, casual, entertaining talk what no amount of "teaching" from me could. I was left with even more admiration for you as a person and professional than I had anticipated. Your personal story and enthusiasm for life inspire!

Anna Dienhart, Ph.D., University of Guelph,
Department of Family Studies

Stroke Recovery Logo

Dear Peter: Your message to our membership presented with wonderful sense of humour encouraged us to focus, to live in a positive manner, to express ourselves and to live with humour. You area living example of these characteristics. You truly were an inspiration to all of us.

You offered such a wealth of information that, form time to time during the next days and months, your suggestion will come t light and will be acted upon.

Thank you, Peter. We wish you much success in your future endeavors.

Yours truly,

Marjorie Brooks, President
Stroke Recovery Association of Ontario
Guelph-Wellington Chapter

Ontario Rehabilitation, Work

and Community O.R.W.C.

Peter, The ORWC Conference 2001 delegates were truly inspired by your story of TRIUMPH.

Providing supports and services to people with a variety of disabilities in their own communities is something we all envision. our life is an example of how this is achievable for everyone. Thank you for the words of wisdom.

Cindy Hobbins, Chairperson ORWC
Board of Directors

John F. Ross C.V.I. (Highschool)

Peter Hicks came to our grade 11, Introduction to Anthropology and Sociology, to talk about his experiences as a Correctional Officer, particularly his experience working with young offenders.  Our class had just finished learning about the Criminal Justice System and the institutions set up to punish or rehabilitate our young offenders. 

Peter provided our class with anecdotal stories that engaged the students and made the institutions real for them.  He developed a good rapport with his audience, properly gauging their interest and attention span and providing humour to lighten the topic. 

All in all, Peter provided an interesting insight into the correctional facilities that students were not able to obtain from a textbook.   I will be inviting Peter to speak to future classes. 

Ms. Kimberly Knowles

Family Fitness

"Your talk was a great success. We certainly appreciated your great sense of humour and the sincerity of your presentation. I know your story touched the hearts and emotions of everyone."

Gene Kay, President, Family Fitness Centre


Brian Walsh           Speaker & Author    

Although I had read Peter's book,
hearing him in person was inspiring to
say the least. Seldom in our lifetime do
we ever get an opportunity to meet a
true hero. For over half of his life,
Peter has managed his challenges with
mature balance and disarming humour. Not
only does he relate his experiences as
interesting anecdotes, Peter has
transformed them into meaningful
metaphors for life-lessons to benefit us
all. Drawing on his academic and life
skills, he now offers training in
positive attitude, conflict resolution,
and disability awareness.

Brian E. Walsh PhD (author, Unleashing
Your Brilliance)



Wow, what a speaker! Peter openly shares his story of immense struggle to show that no matter how challenging life gets, we can still experience
humour, love and victory. What we experience is a matter of personal choice, regardless of circumstances. Be ready to laugh, be ready to cry, Peter is truly inspirational!

Astrid Whiting,
Medical Exercise Specialist, CPT
Founder, Synergenix Fitness
Victoria BC



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